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5 weed products The Grow-Off creator Samantha Taylor can’t live without

The Grow-Off is a science-based cannabis growing competition based in Colorado, but also hosted in California and Oregon. The event takes clones from huge mother plants grown in each state, gives them to a cast of different growers, and tells them to go grow the best weed possible. It was started in 2016 by former […]

8 spooky weed strains for Halloween

Spooky season has arrived, not just on the drugstore shelves, but also in our stoner hearts. Bereft of traditional revelries, however, 2020’s celebrations will require either more or less creativity, depending on where you sit on the cannabis spectrum. Whether you’re inhaling full-size snickers bars and watching a horror film marathon or Instagramming your would-be […]

Why do we love (and love to hate) celebrity weed brands?

Celebrity endorsements have long served as an effective marketing tool for brands looking to reach large target audiences in a single swoop.  For normal, federally legal industries, like sports, fashion, and beauty, it’s a straight shot from the celebrity or influencer endorsement to the pipeline of consumerism. Unless a Kendall Jenner/Pepsi-esqe fiasco occurs, there’s little […]

I miss sharing weed

Where were you when puff, puff, pass became puff, puff …  nah, I’m good?  For me, it was a Saturday, March 21, 2020 to be exact. In Seattle, Washington. I was at the last house party I might ever attend, posted on the back patio with a stranger who had an immaculate ponytail. I lit […]

5 weed products Tommy Chong can’t live without

Tommy Chong exceeds the status of cannabis celebrity. Though he and Cheech were technically the stoner celebs, rising to international stardom in the 1970s by pioneering the genre with their Cheech and Chong franchise, they’ve since surpassed such worldly roles.  50 years later, Chong functions more as a cultural monolith in the weed world and […]