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Adult-use cannabis markets see uneven impact from coronavirus crisis

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to dampen adult-use marijuana sales in most U.S. markets, Washington state experienced its strongest month of cannabis sales yet – highlighting the diversity of legal markets. According to point-of-sale data provided by Seattle-based Headset, April 2020 recreational marijuana sales in Washington state eclipsed $106 million, a record for the state. […]

Wholesale marijuana prices in adult-use markets

Published 11 mins ago | By Bart Schaneman (Click on the orange arrows to advance the slideshow.)Over the past several weeks, Marijuana Business Daily took a deep dive into average wholesale prices in state-legal adult-use marijuana markets. Nevada marijuana cultivators say the wholesale price for a pound of average-quality flower is $2,000, down from as […]

California lags other adult-use markets in per-capita marijuana sales

While California has the potential to be the largest legal cannabis market in the world, the state still lags other recreational markets in per-capita sales – due in large part to the continued prominence of the illicit marijuana market and restrictive regulations. California’s per-capita cannabis sales by the second year of operations only added up […]

Customs agents seized glassware bound for Washington state’s legal cannabis markets

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of glass jars and other packaging were seized in Washington state by federal customs agents, according to several licensed marijuana businesses. The seizures, in Tacoma, Washington, raise concerns that state-lawful cannabis businesses are being unfairly targeted for importing what they believe are legal goods. The recent action was reported by […]

How medical cannabis programs fare in states with recreational markets

The legalization of recreational cannabis can put a big dent in a state’s pre-existing medical marijuana market. Patient counts in Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada and Oregon – the only states with both an active recreational marijuana industry and a pre-existing MMJ patient database – have all suffered in the months and years since the launch of […]

Chart: Marijuana vape sales on the upswing in key markets

Vape sales appear to be stabilizing in most major recreational cannabis markets in the United States in the wake of the vaping health crisis, but with more bans and sales restrictions on the horizon the rebound could prove short-lived. After several weeks of declines, vape’s share of adult-use cannabis sales in California, Nevada and Washington […]

Capitalizing on marijuana markets with limited rivals

Cannabis cultivation companies with a foothold in “constrained” markets – those with relatively few licenses such as Massachusetts – have a natural advantage, thanks to limited competition and marijuana supplies. Massachusetts-based Tilt Holdings is one such company. Tilt has multiple businesses that, among other things, offer cannabis-related technology and operate cultivation centers and retail stores […]

Marijuana wholesale prices on the rise in mature recreational markets

Wholesale cannabis prices appear on the rise in longstanding adult-use cannabis markets Colorado, Oregon and Washington state, according to two recent reports and insight from growers. The upward-trending prices seem to be increasing because of: Stronger demand and weaker supply beyond the typical summer economic dynamics. More growers going out of business. Farmers pivoting to […]

Newer marijuana markets embrace social equity programs

Increased attention by lawmakers, regulators and the general public regarding lack of diversity in the cannabis industry prompted a growing number of states to include social equity provisions in their marijuana policies. Of the 18 states that legalized medical or recreational cannabis sales since 2016, six have taken considerable measures to boost diversity in their […]

Recreational Marijuana Markets Are Source for Self-Medication, Study Finds

Researchers asked 1,000 adult-use cannabis consumers at two Colorado dispensaries what they use cannabis for, and a new study has found residents are self-medicating with recreational marijuana.  Among consumers surveyed, 65% use it to relieve pain and 74% use it for better sleep. A majority of those surveyed claimed it helped them reduce the use […]