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Local ballot measures across California could significantly expand marijuana industry footprint

The November election offers the prospect that California’s legal cannabis industry footprint could expand significantly, depending on a couple of dozen local ballot measures. According to research by Hirsh Jain, government affairs director at San Jose-based retailer Caliva, at least 26 localities across California will have pro-marijuana initiatives on the ballot. Jain estimates those measure […]

Cannabis industry veterans share measures they’ve taken to keep their companies viable amid the current economic downturn

Austin Stevenson Chief innovation officer of Vertosa Oakland, California   How has Vertosa reduced costs? Oil has a long shelf life and there is an oversupply of oil on the market, reducing the costs. The looming recessionary fear has caused the cost of extracts to go down even more. Being a company that uses those […]

New regulatory agency takes reins of Nevada’s marijuana industry

Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board is getting up and running this month in a transition of oversight power from the original industry regulator, the state Department of Taxation. According to KUNR Public Radio, the new board will be in charge of company site inspections, overseeing marijuana lab testing and more. The transition began last year at […]

MJBizConNEXT keynoter Simms urges cannabis industry to ‘be audacious’

MJBizConNEXT Direct and Hemp Industry Daily Direct kicked off today with a virtual keynote speech from Dia Simms, an award-winning entrepreneur and member of BRN Group, a New York-based cannabis tech company. Simms called on the cannabis industry to move in unison to overcome over a century of stigma, to think bigger and to consider […]

Attorney General Barr’s treatment of cannabis industry tantamount to harassment

John Elias tells the U.S. House Judiciary Committee about what he viewed as unfair treatment of the cannabis industry by the Justice Department. A career U.S. Justice Department attorney testified Wednesday that antitrust investigations of 10 cannabis mergers since March 2019 were “not even close to meeting established criteria” for such reviews and agreed they […]

How COVID-19 could boost the marijuana industry in Congress’ eyes

(This is an abridged version of a column that appears in the May-June issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.) Members of the U.S. Congress have traditionally shown little interest in cannabis reform. But some marijuana executives are seeing signs that could suggest a change in how Congress views cannabis – and they’ve come at the oddest […]

Members of Congress seek marijuana industry inclusion in coronavirus relief packages

Almost three dozen members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed a letter to congressional leaders to ask that cannabis companies be included in future federal relief packages aimed at stimulating the economy during the COVID-19 outbreak. The letter was spearheaded by the bipartisan Congressional Cannabis Caucus, which is led by Democratic U.S. Reps. […]

How the coronavirus crisis has changed the shape of the cannabis industry

Cannabis companies are entering a new normal as the coronavirus pandemic puts stress on every sector of business, fundamentally altering the industry in possibly permanent ways. The COVID-19 outbreak has exacerbated fault lines in the rapidly evolving market and led to number of new outcomes, including: Retailers adapting to changing consumer behavior by offering delivery, curbside […]

Are tax shifts on the way for the state’s cannabis industry?

The 2020 California legislative session began in January, and marijuana industry insiders say what happens by time it concludes could be make-or-break for the state’s legal MJ industry as it deals with ongoing challenges around taxes, the illicit market and local municipality restrictions on cannabis firms. The dominant topic on the minds of California cannabis businesses is […]

MJBizDaily launches annual cannabis industry survey to collect key business data

Help Marijuana Business Daily help you by participating in the eighth annual survey of cannabis industry executives and investors. The undertaking that will help Colorado-based MJBizDaily provide key market, financial and operational data for businesses and entrepreneurs. Owners, founders and executives with dispensaries/retail stores, commercial cultivation operations, infused product manufacturers and vertically integrated businesses as well as investors funding […]