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Approval of public health insurance could boost medical cannabis sales in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has one of the oldest medical cannabis programs in Europe and was the second country on the continent to authorize a domestic grow – after the Netherlands – yet, after several years, the market has been unable to gain traction. But that situation may be changing. Sales data for 2019 suggest an […]

Medical marijuana market growth with Oklahoma and Florida leading

Published 1 min ago | By Maggie Cowee While medical marijuana is legally available in 36 states and Washington DC, the fragmented nature of the industry – each state creates its own set of rules – means each market grows at a different rate. The new quarterly release of the Marijuana Business Factbook presents updated […]

Newer marijuana markets embrace social equity programs

Increased attention by lawmakers, regulators and the general public regarding lack of diversity in the cannabis industry prompted a growing number of states to include social equity provisions in their marijuana policies. Of the 18 states that legalized medical or recreational cannabis sales since 2016, six have taken considerable measures to boost diversity in their […]

Women account for more than a third of cannabis business executives

Nearly 37% of the senior-level jobs at cannabis companies are held by women, according to a Marijuana Business Daily survey. Although the number of women holding top spots has vacillated since 2015, the percentage of women top executives in the cannabis space is still far higher than the national average of 21% for all businesses […]

Cannabis investors shift from loan financing to equity investment

Published 1 min ago | By Maggie Cowee Cannabis investors are changing their investment strategy in a bid to capture higher returns, shifting away from extending loans to companies in favor of investing in their shares. As the perceived risk of investing in the cannabis industry recedes, investors see more upside from investing in cannabis […]

Hawaii’s medical cannabis reciprocity program off to slow start

Hawaii’s fledgling medical marijuana reciprocity program has the potential to boost sales at the state’s dispensaries given that several million domestic tourists visit the state each year, but the program experienced a slow start since its launch. From early March through the end of May, Hawaii’s out-of-state program added an average of 160 patients per month. Growth slowed […]

German sales of insurance-covered medical cannabis continue upward trend

Sales of insurance-covered medical cannabis continued to increase during the first quarter of 2019 in Germany, the largest market outside North America. In the first three months of the year, sales of reimbursed cannabis products totaled 24.5 million euros ($27.5 million), an increase of 7% from the fourth quarter of 2018, according to government data. […]

Chart: Diversification enhances profitability of marijuana product manufacturers

Makers of cannabis products are more likely to turn a profit if they offer merchandise across multiple categories – but that profitability declines if a manufacturer produces too many types of goods. For companies offering products across a single category, 27% described their business as profitable compared with roughly 50% of companies offering products across […]

Ontario to hold lottery for 42 new recreational cannabis stores

Ontario’s plan to belatedly add more cannabis stories to its underwhelming roster of 22 authorizations is a sign the government is listening to industry and consumer feedback that the market can sustain – and requires – more outlets, according to experts. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will hold a lottery on Aug. 20 […]

Sales of cannabis products spiked over Mother’s Day, Father’s Day weekends

Retail data reveals sales spikes in several marijuana categories over Mother’s Day and Father’s Day weekends, highlighting differences in gender-based cannabis gift-giving in states that have legalized adult use. Data from Seattle-based analytics firm Headset shows that sales increased 35% to 80% in several product segments over Father’s Day and Mother’s Day weekends in California, […]