Year: 2020

Everything you need to know about the new Puffco Peak Pro

It’s been two years since Puffco revolutionized extract consumption with the original Peak, an electronic dab rig whose chic design and simple operating system elevated dabbing from the basement of public perception to coffee tables across the country.  For those of us in the weed world, Puffco dropping the new Peak Pro is the equivalent […]

San Diego goes to court to collect marijuana business taxes

NEWS BRIEF Published October 22, 2020 San Diego filed what appears to be a first-of-its-kind lawsuit to force a local cannabis grower to pay taxes the city says the business owes. Grizzly Peak Farms, which is based in Oakland, owes San Diego roughly $10,000 in unpaid city taxes for marijuana products it delivered to retail […]

Before election, focus on fundamentals, not emotions, in cannabis investing

Mike Regan Since we last looked at the performance of U.S. and Canadian operators on July 10, publicly traded cannabis companies have seen some interesting stock price trends as candidates running for the top offices in the U.S. take positions on marijuana reform. For a week in October, sentiment improved and cannabis stocks rallied on […]

Nevada cannabis companies face penalties for violations

NEWS BRIEF Published October 23, 2020 Two Nevada marijuana companies might lose their business licenses and incur fines from state authorities for alleged violations of industry regulations. The case appears to represent a new push by regulators to crack down on cannabis companies in the state that don’t abide by all the rules. During a […]

Mississippi marijuana advocates told to stop using Trump’s name

NEWS BRIEF Published October 21, 2020 The Mississippi campaign attempting to get medical cannabis legalized in the state was sent a cease-and-desist order by President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, ordering it to stop telling voters that he backs their cause. According to the Associated Press, the Trump campaign sent the order on Oct. 12 to […]

Colorado marijuana vape aerosol testing rules address key health issues

As they respond to the 2019 vaping health crisis, Colorado marijuana regulators are believed to be among the first in the nation to require cannabis vaporizer companies to test the aerosol produced when the oil is heated into vapor. The new testing requirement, meant to make vaping safer for Colorado consumers, could prompt other states […]

Canadian cannabis sales grow to nearly CA$245 million in August

NEWS BRIEF Published October 21, 2020 Canadian sales of legal adult-use cannabis grew by 5.2% from July to August, reaching a monthly total of 244.9 million Canadian dollars ($186.9 million). The monthly record for Canadian marijuana sales implies an annualized market worth more than CA$2.9 billion. Statistics Canada’s retail trade data for August tracked sales […]

Majority of recent Ontario cannabis busts involved medical grows, police say

Ontario’s provincial police service is trumpeting summer and fall seizures of illicit cannabis plants in Canada’s most populated province, highlighting large seizures of marijuana from “52 large-volume illegal operations” between July 1 and Oct. 15. Detective inspector Jim Walker of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) organized crime enforcement bureau told Marijuana Business Daily that the […]